Between 2003 and 2008, David Broadbent recorded thousands

of conversations with his three daughters and chose a few hundred to reflect a little of that sometimes elusive butterfly we call childhood.

A time of wonder, simplicity and, above all, sheer unadulterated fun.

If you’ve ever wanted a refreshing glimpse of a time free of spin,

welcome to the tell-it-like-it-is world of Holly, Isabella and Amelie.

Maybe, just maybe it’ll rub off on you. 


The book is marvellous. It will preserve the childhoods of David Broadbent’s kids forever and when they’re very, very old they’ll leaf through its pages and remember what a good dad they had. I hope the book does well. It certainly deserves to do so.

Phillip Adams AO, radio broadcaster and presenter of Late Night Live, ABC Radio National




This book would be good for those who don’t know how to talk to children — those people whose only response to anything a child says is to laugh at the child. It would also be good for students studying childcare. And of course for psychology students.

Dorothy Rowe, psychologist and writer




I have been reading your book about your daughters again recently, and spent a happy time smiling at the stories. What I really love is the rapport you have with the girls, and the time you take to engage and playfully but respectfully converse. Not many people can do that. Anyhow, your book is right from the sunny side of things, and I really love it.

Steve Biddulph, author and Adjunct Professor in the school of psychology 

and counselling at Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne



This book made me feel good in ways I thought only a Pixar movie could.

Alex Dook, scriptwriter, Melbourne


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389 Conversations With My Three Kids